So what do your Eyes say about you?

We know that if we look at eyes, it seems quite basic. They’re round with a circle in the middle usually brown or blue sometimes green or hazel, or sometimes switching between two depending on the light. They’re framed by lashes and eyebrows and that’s how we see it. But really we know that if you look at the blueprint of the eye, each persons eye is completely unique, and that’s how the eye can be used for identification purposes, through technology such as iris recognition.

Super curl super lash lift

As we journey through on this blog we shall start by looking at the features surrounding the eye. The lashes, the eyebrows, the skin. How they frame the eyes and change the look of our face. What we can do to enhance the look and look after this precious aspect of us. We shall then cover other aspect of the body and treatments and lifestyle. Feel free to email me any comments or questions relating to topics.

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