Eye Drama

As I sit on the beach reflecting on my 2 week break in the Caribbean, which started with my three day workshop on Brow threading and Semi permanent lashes. It dawns on me that this trend for “eye drama” really is a worldwide phenomena. I saw extended lashes and sculpted brows all over the place. Both on locals and vacationers alike. Some good like the lady who was serving breakfast this morning with her perfect brows, coloured and subtly highlighted to give real definition. Some not so good. Like the lady spotted at an event who was missing a few too many cluster lashes (major faux pas!) Every one was poised and ready for eye action.

Then there was the real eyedrama…..

Browgate; the lady trying to follow me around the island for an appointment. I was on vacation!!! But I would have sat you down in the hotel lobby and whipped those brows into shape had you found me, just for your efforts!

Mascaragate…The issue of the blue mascara that was beginning to run down the face after climbing the falls which had to be dealt with as a matter of urgency. May I suggest waterproof……

Lashgate… I told you about that one above. It deserves a re-mention (is that even a word?) After a double take and assisted closing of my mouth. I simply decided to pretend I never saw it. Sometimes it’s just easier to deal with things that way…..